Downunder Colorado 27 - Start With The Knee, Then You Go To The Tooth and Then You Go Downunder!

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Downunder Colorado get's you where you're going. (in a.. roundabout way.)

On this grand tour of the body, Boys ARE made of snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails, Crazy Canadian hopes to clone John Lennon using his tooth, Idaho man who thumbs his nose at nature with cross species (more than one way) and more on this episode of Downunder Colorado! ( - minutes)


Sea snail found in boy’s knee

Dentist hopes to clone John Lennon using ex-Beatle's tooth

Idaho man who dresses as dog had sex with cat

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Dale: Going to court for a law assignment….and that’s about it!

Doug:  Packing for Dragon Con, playing Hearthstone (yes!!), more road construction insanity, I hate roundabouts!!


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