(Gamer Geeks) Gamer Geeks Podcast Alpha Beta Episode 0 - #MonsterLivesMatter

Pilot episode for Geek I/O where we talk about games.

Video game

Blizzard Corner

Board, Tabletop & Card games

Reviews/What were playing

  • CJ

    • Elder Scrolls: Legends

      • 4/5

    • RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (60 minute review)

      • 3/5

  • Raul

    • Doom

      • 4/5

    • Undertale

      • 5/5

  • Bren

    • No Mans Sky

      • Solid 4/5

    • Fallout Shelter (60 minute review)

      • 4/5

Retro review!

  • Week 0: CJs pick

    • Shining Force

      • System: Sega Genesis

      • Year: 1993 (NA Release)

      • Genre: Strategy JRPG

        • I picked this game because it is literally my favorite game of all time, and I wanted to make our first episode an easy retro review, and something you have to look forward to.  I first stumbled upon this game from a long forgotten relic called the Sega Channel, and have beaten this game more times than I can count. The gameplay in this is the benchmark for strategy RPGs, upped only by its sequels and Final Fantasy Tactics.  This story begins the Shining Series, and is headed by a silent protagonist, Max.  He is destined to save the world from the Dark Dragon.  During this adventure, he meets dozens of comrades who enter battle with him.  

        • As to be expected, the framerate and speed in general of this 16-bit masterpiece do not really stack up to what we are used to now, so sometimes it feels a bit labored, especially on the PC port, which is where I did my replay of the game from. The graphics are merely OK, considering this was also the year of Star Fox, Sonic CD, and Mega Man X. The main drawing point to this game is the thought process and the challenge.

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(The Geek I/O Show) The Geek I/O Show #165: Rants & Reviews: Suicide Squad - You Just Turned the Enchantress into I Dream of Jeannie

CJ, Raul, and Dale Rant and review the villain team up movie Suicide Squad.

This week on The Geek IO Show, we quit joking around, and get bad! Its our Rant & Review of Suicide Squad! Did it make assassination look fun, or make out with army men?

We go into depth on Warner Brothers latest superhero outing, trying to piece together all of the swiss cheese plot holes, boomerang baterangs, butt wiggles, and knob fiddling goodness. We discuss the movie trying to be Guardians, but only getting Avengers 2, Enchantresses flailing arms, #NeverSausage and much more!

Join us on The Geek IO Rant & Review wont you? We talk about anything else before hitting up the TITOs.

Though, seriously, did he really have to wiggle to get down there?

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The Geek I/O Show: Episode #165 Show Notes

The Geek I/O Show: Episode #165 Audio Archive

(Geek Toys) Whisky Geek #0: Drinks by the Dram review, the Japanese Tasting set.

The very kind people at Drinks by the Dram sent us a tasting set of theirs to try their service. Join me for a drink, won't you?

Drinks by the dram will let you sample a wide variety of drinks in small, single dram servings.

They're available either individually or in themed sets, they even have an amazing-looking advent calendar! I would definitely recommend checking them out if you have an interest in trying new drinks. I would especially recommend you try something different. Before receiving this set my experience of Japanese whisky was limited to two different bottles. Now I've tasted seven of them. And that's the beauty of Drinks by the Dram, the almost risk-free ability to taste new drinks that you wouldn't have experienced before. If you don't like it? You've lost the price of a dram, but if you do? Well you might just find a new favourite drink.

(Gamer Geeks) Gamer Geeks Video Show! Episode 3 (ish)- Overwatch!

CJ is joined this time around by Raul Garza from the Geek IO Show while they play the weekly brawl for their Summer Games 2016 promotion - Lucioball and some competitive Overwatch, discuss Pokemon, and much more! -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/geekioshow

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