(repost)Comic Geek I/O - Issue #4 - Dial H #10

This is the Comic-Geek I/O minute for March 13 2013! I am your host CJ Boat - Welcome back!

This week I am reviewing Dial H # 10 by China Mieville & art by Alberto Pontecelli. Dial H (for Hero) is a huge homage to the Golden Age of comics (pre WWII)... let’s get it right off the rip, I’m not a fan of this age of comics, where Superman was Captain America, Green Lantern was allergic to all things yellow, and Aquaman ONLY spoke to fish.  Yeah... That... In this issue of Dial H, it starts off with a naked man with a bloodhound head and a rocket strapped to his back who is completely obiedient to his “master” who happens to be the giant fat man who is controlling the Hero Dial.  It turns out that there are TWO dials, a H-Dial and a S-Dial (S stands for SIDEKICK! Go figure....)

I’m going to take a step back and explain that there are two people who stole the H-Dial (that transforms these people into golden age heroes, like Bumper Carla... ugh) originally, a VERY old woman and a VERY fat stupid man... and the VERY old woman takes the H dial, and the fat guy takes the S, and they fight crime and “it felt so good having her direct me” … yeah... ugh... so, the issue ends with the very old woman metamorphed into a hot lady and the fat guy was morphed into a dumbass... and they made out at the end of the issue, and I put the book down and immediately said I’M DONE! I got this issue only because I wanted to say something bad about a comic on this segment, it’s been a bit... I’m doing something good next week.  

Thanks for listening, talk to you next week! I’ll be covering SEX! #1 from Image Comics


Geek I/O Issue 4