(Repost)Comic Geek I/O - Issue #2 - Action Comics #17

Comic reviewed: Action Comics #17

Special notes: Last AC w/ Grant Morrison as writer

This is the Comic-Geek I/O minute for February 27 2013! I am your host CJ Boat - Welcome back!

This week I am reviewing Action Comics #17 - the last AC with Grant Morrison writing, which is sad, Morrison is one of my favorite writers, second maybe to Brian K Vaughn or Geoff Johns (I can’t choose!)

In this issue: Superman’s epic battle through reality is winding down! The villians of Supe’s past are starting to show their more dark sides, he is beating beaten by the “Last Knight of Krypton” a superman from tanother dimension! He is thrust through time, attempting to get help from a displaced alternate universe Legion of SuperHeroes, his ma and pa are dead, then they’re alive, and then they’re dead again? This issue went all over the place, and I am not even sure what happened.  The biggest dissapointment in this is Morrison usually likes to end an arc with him leaving, and that just simply didn’t happen... I wil probably pick up the final issue of this arc, but I don’t know about after, I’m not the biggest Superman fan in the world, though this is better in every way than the “Superman” book, soo...yeah. I’d say check it out, it’s not terrible, espexially if you can follow Morrison’s writing and however the hell this is supposed to go. t

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Comic Geek I/O issue 2