(repost)Comic Geek I/O Issue 6 - Incinvible 101

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Comic Geek I/O Minute

Issue 6

Comic reviewed: Invincible #101

Special notes:

This is the Comic-Geek I/O minute issue 6 for March 27 2013! I am your host CJ Boat - Welcome back!

This week I am reviewing Invincible #101 from Image Comics by Robert Kirkman with art by Ryan Otley.

This issue of Invincible is a direct follow up to the VERY action packed last issue, where the entire universe changed for the more awkward.  Anyway, there is no fighty fight in here, which is very odd, considering this book is usually full of action.  This is a very character progression story, Mark’s back in his original Invincible costume, which I think is a continuity error, but I can’t remember, it’s been almost TWO MONTHS. Which leads me to really my only issue with this book - the inconsistency of release dates. They even know they are doing it and acknowledge it.  This is a GREAT jumping on point however.  This is a basic reintroduction of where the characters are at in the story, as well as a direct flashback on the previous issue’s events and cataclysmic happenings.

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Comic Geek I/O issue 6