Curtain Call!: Episode #3: "The Sports Ball Invasion"

Curtain Call!: Episode #3: "The Sports Ball Invasion"

Coming up on Curtain Call! - What happens when your sports balls take over, John Barrowman will return to the stage in Robin Hood, Metropolitan Opera forced to change their ticket prices, New bar musical gets a cast, A flashback to the 2004 tony awards and more on this episode of Curtain Call!

Spotlight Story - (Discussion Point):

- Broadway's Guide to Super Bowl XLVIII: Tickets, Dining, Schedules and More


- John Barrowman Will Return to the Stage in Robin Hood

- Following Drop in Box-Office Sales, Metropolitan Opera Adjusts Ticket Prices

- Casting Announced for Site-Specific Broken Moments: A Bar Musical at Tammany Hall

- Theatrical Categories Eliminated from the GLAAD awards

Special Segment - Tony Awards from 2004

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