Exploding Dice Ravnica 15 - Mohawk Food Safety

The gang is hitting the streets, trying to find out what's going on with their friends, and get some answers of their own. The crew decide to hit up some old haunts and scrounge up some answers. Is Rickas palling around with someone special? What's going on with the food? This episode won't be forgettable!

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The Mana Pool Episode 40: Sandwich of Parental Love

In this week's episode of the Mana Pool a touching family reuion.  The Kai takes sometime to get ajusted to his new form.  The party also gets some new items.  They investage the scene of their last battle and find something interesting

Join the Mana Pool Team CJ, Rachel, Raul, Felix, Kerry, this week as we continue with Story Teller Josh in our Open Legend Legend.