60 Minute Review: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (iOS)

By: CJ Boat

In this segment, we play a game for 60 minutes (give or take) and give our first thoughts about the game.  This will of course be followed up with the full review later.

Game: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Publisher: Aspyr Media

Platform: iOS

This game is a port of the 2003 Xbox classic by BioWare, ported to Apple iOS in 2013.  I played the heck out of the game back when it was first released, beating it both as pure Sith and Pure Jedi, if I could have gotten achievements, I would have gotten them all.  

I'm always a little leery of ports to mobile as they tend to do odd things to emulate the controls of the original.  This KOTOR doesn't try that at all.  They go for a point/click control system that works AMAZINGLY on the iPad (where I'm playing it) , the graphics translate very well as well, the game looks better than the original version. I'm guessing because there was no pressure and they could focus on fixing the issues that plagued the original, as there are no glaring bugs that I have been able to find.  

That being said, doors are almost all impenetrable so far, but I didn't find them able to be destroyed until later if I remember correctly.  Other than that, it's a fantastic port, even though I am only to the cantina on the first planet, I took time creating my character. This time I'm going straight blaster Jedi, to try something different.

60 minute review score: 9/10