The Geek I/O Show: Episode 251: Quintessential Professionals

Video games, smart homes, and a guest star, oh my! With Dale and the Boats off adventuring in the great Down Under, Josh, Raul, and Kerry are joined by the one and only Jared Budlong! Plans for a trivia game fall by the wayside as we dig deep into workplace HVAC shenanigans, smart home technology, and how playing with drones can (literally) go sideways.

We discuss: Quintessential Professionals, Lonzo & Oscar, Ferris Bueller Shenanigans, We Have a Crowbar, When the Drones Attack, Psychological Scarring, Faceplant into a toilet and got a scar, I Used to Shoot Weddings, Give Babies Cancer, and Don't show the drone Terminator.

Join us on the Geek I/O Show, won't you? Now with air conditioning!