The Geek I/O Show #218: "Lord of the Adjectives"

What do you get when a good chunk of the cast is out sick and the word nerds are left to run the show? Wordplay games, of course! Join Josh, Monica, Jacky, and Kerry for "ad libs," and some good old fashioned Vogon poetry! Also a trip down video game memory lane and soil science, for some reason. Plus all the Exploding Dice references you can shake a stick at!

We also discuss: Lord of the Adjectives, Sailor Boom, If It Boobs, Do You Know Why the Blobfish Ignores You?, Return of the Escalator, OG Grumpdad, Passive Aggressive Libs, Mr. Spoonman, The Worst Kind of Billy Mays, and Trevor, Travis, Trelawney.

Join us on the Geek I/O Show, won't you? It's better than Vogon poetry! (but then, what isn't?)