The Geek I/O Show #288: "Assaultment of Entertainment"

It's a special event this time on the Geek I/O Show: the triumphant return of the one and only DALEE! Four more Dales, in fact, than we originally planned on. Join CJ, Rachel, Dale, and Kerry for a very special episode featuring baby adventures, birthday adventures, winnebago adventures, live audience Q&A and the return of everyone's favorite guessing game!

We also discuss: Assaultment of Entertainment, any weird?, Doing It 2018 Style, PUBD, All Aboard The Daleee Train, stream lage, Get the Chinese out of my grinder, hopping aboard the daleeeee train, pew show, West Coast Bent Coast, exploring spikes, MageHand throwing Caltrops, French Beard Catcher, and The French Beard Catcher (2018).

Join us on the Geek I/O Show, will you? All aboard the Dale Train to the last remaining Blockbuster!