(Gamer Geeks) 60 Minute Review - Tap Heroes (w/ Dale Campbell)

I should preface this by saying I do not review (let alone play) many games, therefore if I get anything incorrect in this review I do apologise. In saying that, I would like thank Geek I/O sending me this game to play and review.

These days, particularly as new technology presents itself, it is becoming even more difficult to compete in the mobile app industry - mobile apps are everywhere. On the flip side, it has become even easier for developers to have moments in the sun, as the distribution of apps has also become easier - there are simply more channels to access. In terms of gaming on mobile, it has become about keywords and trends, which is not a bad thing at all. Fine, Ill stop boring you with marketing talk and get to the point.

Developers are going to get eyeballs on their apps regardless, it just depends on what they do with those eyeballs is the real question. For Tap Heroes, its main selling point is the fact that it is an adventure role-playing with familiar characters to the genre and a simple game play model. You can tap on the left to heal your party and on the right to attack the monster in conjunction with the attacks and healing that your characters do regardless. All at the same time collecting experience, coins and gems to upgrade your character or power up the power that your taps make. Yes folks its as simple as that!

So I played 60 minutes of Tap Heroes, what did I think?

One wordStory. Okay, you go through various stages defecting different monsters and clearing bosses that fit in with a particular theme of that level but thats it.

In contrast, the game is beautiful when it comes to a lot of its design elements and they work so well. The setting and framing of the game being of this 2D Paper Mario puppet show feel and you are sitting in the audience controlling it could not be more fitting. Alongside it, while limited but fitting score (to be fair it is a mobile game, so there is only so much you can do) and sound effects that are appropriate and are not distracting from the core game play. But I just wish there was more a deeper story here than throwing familiar characters in an environment straight away.

It should also be noted that I played my version on the PC and my experience may have been a little different when it came to the extras shop, as I have heard that it may prompt you for real money in the free version but these items are not necessary and do not hinder the game play - at least not in my experience as I did not get a chance to unlock much and it didnt affect my experience.

All in all, while Tap Heroes has a lot of potential in its story line, it captures organic and fitting design elements that makes the player feel pleasant, which is why I am giving it a soft


And a recommendation for those looking a simple, yet pretty mobile RPG to pass the time.

Note: The stream of Dale playing the game can be found here: https://youtu.be/XE3GGYfWCnE