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"Watch your twelve Luke!"

*Han Solo, Chewbacca, and garbage-barge pilot Perla have narrowly escaped Boba-Fett on Coruscant by making a risky hyperspace jump to undetermined coordinates, while Princess Leia's sojourn in the debris field that was once Alderaan has left her disillusioned and thoughtful as she returns to the rebel fleet. Rebel pilot Prithi arrived back at the Rebel fleet in bad shape - but in time to warn Mon Mothma of the incoming Star Destroyer Devastator. Aboard the Devastator, former prisoners Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles commandeered two TIE Interceptors and joined Colonel Bircher's wave of Imperial fighters launched to assault the Rebels. And Darth Vader now, now understanding exactly who Luke Skyalker is, has commanded his personal spy, Birra Seah, to detain Luke, no matter what . . . *

I personally haven't read the previous 10 comics of this on-going comic series, but I can tell you already that #11 has me really interested. The artwork by Carlos D'anda is really superb. Each panel showing attack wave after attack wave of constant non-stop action. It had me feeling like I was actually in the comic itself witnessing all this as a movie in front of my eyes. Not a lot of comics can suck me in like that, but this just takes the cake. Sure, a little more fine detail could be inserted here and there for the Star Wars purists and super-nerds (I'm sure I'll get some hate mail for saying that), but we get the over-all tone and point for what the pictures are trying to convey.

Now to the negative, and as a reminder to you all, this is my own personal opinion and your opinion may differ from my own, and I respect that. Brian Wood did the scripting on this comic, and he's doing a fairly well done job. The only problem I have about this particular comic (#11), is when it comes to the space battles and knowing who's who when it comes to dialogue. I had to literally jump back in my reading to figure out who this woman was because people are talking about Leia so much. Is she the pilot? Nope. It's Organa. [image: Oh that's who it is. And yes that bottom panel is first before the top ones.]

Oh that's who it is. And yes that bottom panel is first before the top ones.

Mr. Brian Wood could have made it a little more distinct as to who the people are that are talking, but it could just be me, so I can't completely fault him for that, I just felt some of the dialogue was a little hard to follow. Maybe I needed more coffee in the morning before I began reading. Out of a 1-10 scale rating, I give Star Wars #11: Rebels vs Galactic Empire, an 8 out of 10. I would have liked to see more where this was going but it does state "to be continued", of course.

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