How It Stacks #14: Talespin

They were challenged and they replied..

                            Challenged accepted, mother gushers!!!

This is a hysterical episode! When faced with the challenge of language restrictions the guys rose to the occasion on this one. JD comes to the realization he'll never be able to say Kit Cloud Kicker right. Willis delivers some awesome facts on the show and keeps things rolling with his mother gushing awesomeness. Bulldog puts things in perspective with his recent trip to an air force museum for research for the show. They talk about Jungle Book, Grand Theft Auto, and JD has a massive brain fart while talking about his debut in acting. While Willis tells us how he really feels about bars with hotels, his dislike of cartoon kids, and his thoughts on bears VS ducks.

Its another... possibly ridiculous...

                                             How It Stacks

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