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  Firstly I'd like to state my personal view on religion before I get started. I know and understand that people have their rights to believe and trust in what, or whom they will. I was raised as a child with Christian values from a mother who was raised Catholic. I guess that's a bit strange if you try to analyze that, but honestly how different are most religions? Yes, there are different deities that folks believe in, different practices, holidays, etc. But when you break it down it's placing your faith and trust into an entity to look over you, guide you, mold you - and then there's the other we learn about as children. Satan, Lucifer, Lord of Lies, etc. No matter what you call him we all know about him. 

   Devil is a horror mystery thriller movie that came out September 17th 2010, written by M. Night Shyamalan. Shyamalan hasn't fared to well in the box office apart from his film "The Sixth Sense". Rotten Tomatoes rates the movie 'Devil' as a 52% on the tomatoe-scale, making the film 'rotten' according to reviewers. The film, set in modern times in modern America, features a police officer who lost his his wife and son in a tragic drunk driving hit & run accident several years ago, a mechanic, a woman who blackmails the rich, an old woman who steals from others, and a security guard who is a temp, as well as a mattress salesman. Neither of these people know each each other, but the mechanic, two women, the salesman and the temp guard - are all inside the elevator when it fails to get to their desired floor. Uh-oh, mechanical failure? 

  Without giving too much away here, the officer comes into the scene when he's called about a suicide that happened, and back-tracks the evidence of the suicide to a person who jumped from a building, after writing a suicide a note describing that he could hear the footsteps of the devil looming closer. Not long after deducing that the jumper came from a builder, a 9-1-1 call goes out to officers that a problem with the elevator in the same building is having issues. He reports on the scene but is soon a witness to a gory series of murders that take place from inside the elevator.  

   I'll say this much, my original hunch on who I thought wast the devil - was absolutely right. I'm curious if your hunch will stay the same or change. let me know if it changed at all or not by sending me a message on twitter @JonFromSeattle

  I rate the film a 5/10 on the TITO scale. The audio work is superb, the acting is okay for a film, but the story seems to be really lacking. It gives no real reason for why the devil is in the elevator or his/her purpose for being there. Sure the devil says near the end of the film "Damn. I really wanted you", it does't give us enough to really run with. The movie is currently streaming on Netflix. It's worth it to watch on Netflix if you have the streaming service, otherwise just pass.  

 ~Written by: Jonathan Slater 11/2/2013

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