Dale Reviews 10 - Primer

Suggested by: Listener, Hawk484

TITO Rating: 6

My interpretation of the plot: A group of hackers build this super machine that manipulates people.

Back story/Fun Fact: This picture explains this movie pretty well http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/84/Time_Travel_Method-2.svg 

Now for the review....Yes I followed for this movie for the most part, yes there were moments that were a bit grey but it payed of (well for me at least) at the end. There still are face palm moments in this movie, but they handled the concept of the movie pretty well. 

Some other notes. Face palm moments include: The actors talking over each other. You know the budget was low when you have to steal parts for your computer from other people. Editing: DO SOME! Clean cuts are fine but not for every time. 

I could list all of the finer details all day, but I think they handled the actual scientific concept excellently and the fact some of the face palm moment are answered later in the film, I can be more easy towards some of the minor face palms. For example, The fact one of them is wearing a different suit and everyone else, is forgivable despite my taste for fashion (clearly) *cough*.

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