A Geek I/O Scheduling announcement

Hello! I held a small "press conference" on Sunday, describing what is going to go down starting Sunday the 19th with Comic Geek, Disney Geek, Geek I/O, and the Rant and Review.

Basic breakdown of the updates

Starting 5/19/13 @ 10 PM EST: Disney Geek I/O

Wednesday 5/22/13 @ 11 PM EST: Geek I/O, no Rant & Review

Sunday, 5/26/13 @ 10 PM EST: Comic Geek I/O

Wednesday, 5/29/13 @ 11 PM EST: Geek I/O: Rants & Reviews

and so on and so forth. Yes, you read that right, Geek I/O & Rant & Reviews will be starting at 11 PM EST over at www.geek-io.com/live

Feel free to email feedback@geek-io.com

Geek I/O Announcement


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