Downunder Colorado 17 - Just A Little Shart

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Our Downunder Colorado is bigger!

On this episode of Downunder Colorado, Aren’t you supposed to Prevent the abuse sexual abuse? Where to go for beer brats and more, Yahoo tried a 1 billion purchase of more viewers, A judge decides between pasties or bikinis, XBox 1 is a waste and ugly, Youtube turns 8, and more on this episode of Downunder Colorado! ( - minutes)


Air Force's sex-abuse prevention honcho charged with sexual battery

America’s Best Beer Gardens (No guessing game this time)

Yahoo to buy tumblr for 1.1billion

A judge with a sense of humor

‘XBox One’ Unveiled by Microsoft Today

Happy Birthday YouTube!

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Dale:Having some important one year anniversaries, Grandparents arrived last week, Preparing for Finals, Organising my new positions at work, working on my website, and discovered a new podcast to listen to (Ausdrod:

Doug: (my new blog, created in Squarespace);

Zay:Work, work, crapped out comp to internet connection, fixed (mostly) comp, more work.

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