Microsoft's Next Gen Console "XBOX ONE"

        Microsoft revealed on Tuesday their contender for the next generation of gaming the XBOX ONE.  The press conference was only about an hour long that gave a quick over view of the console's hardware, software, new controller and a new Kinect sensor.

      The Xbox One will come bundled with the new Kinect sensor.  The new Xbox is powered by an AMD 8 Core CPU, has 8 GB of system memory, a 500GB hard drive,        Blu-ray drive, n wireless with Wi-Fi Direct, usb 3.0, and HDMI pass through for tv, and has a x64 bit architect no word yet on what type of GPU it will be using.  The new Kinect is a 1080p HD RGB camera, 30 fps color, microphone arrays, time of flight technology .  with  the ability to see more joints and variations of movement as well as measure your heart rate.  The new Xbox One controller has an integrated battery compartment with removable battery, impulse triggers with feed back, Wi-Fi direct radio stack and precision D-pad. 

        The Xbox One is more just a gaming console it is meant to be the center of the entertainment for the living room.  The Xbox One has a hdmi pass through for cable TV which allows for switch between watching TV to the Xbox interface.  Snap mode which will allows apps to run side by side like an integrated Skype.  There is a partnership with The NFL that updates your Fantasy status.  

         EA showed there suite of game FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, and UFC.  As well as Forza Motorsport V,  a teaser trailer for Quantum Break which was a mix of live actors and CGI.  Activision showed off the new Call of Duty Ghosts being developed by  Infinity Ward with exclusive first on Xbox One DLC.

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