Comic Geek IO Issue 9: Sonic fights Superior-like!

Welcome Comic Geek I/O - issue 9, I’m your host, CJ Boat, welcome back! Joining me this week once again, AWESOME PRODUCAH MAN! Jon Slater! This week we are going to be reviewing Sonic the Hedgehog #248,Superior Spider man, (and anything Slater wants to do a review on)

How are you tonight? I’m doing awesome. Damn it’s hot in seattle today. 81 Degrees today. Wow!

Done any comic reading? I have actually. I read Superior Spider Man 009 that came out last week, and I’m so pissed off because of it. I also read quite a bit of the Naruto Manga. Not exactly caught up with everyone else, but I’m on Chapter 521 where Kabuto is talking about how to cancel the Edo Tensei with Uchiha Madara. I learned through my naruto research that the nine tails fox actually has a name, and goes by Kurama.  I’m also reading a manga called “Sword Art Online.” I watched all of the anime which is awesome, so i’m reading the manga to compare and see if there’s anything I missed. It’s written by Reki Kawahara.

Now, the NEWS!

CJ: Free Comic Book Day happened on May 4th, and you can still pick up a TON of digital comics for free on Comixology!

CJ: Dynamite Entertainment Comics Now Available Through Dark Horse Digita

Slater Rants on Superior Spider Man 009 8/10

Next, moving onto this week’s review!

Sonic the Hedgehog #248

Well, this book gets down to the meat of the first act of this arc, SONIC VERSUS MEGA MAN! That's right, no friend making yet, first TIME FOR BADASS!

The book starts off in the Green Hill Zone, where Sonic and Mega Man are pretty evenly matched, but with Sonic having the home field advantage,  he's able to confuse and beat down on Mega, almost destroying him.

During this fight, there is color commentary from Wiley / Robotnik, with even the comment from Wiley of "Your nemesis is covered in spikes, and if there is anything I have learned is that Mega Man hates spikes!" The commentary is actually quite interesting and humorous.

The fighting CONTINUES! Sonic draws Mega to the brink of defeat, and CUT SCENE to Dr. Light, who figures out that there was a GIANT RING PORTAL that took Mega from his land into the other land, and he gets it open. Mega distracts Sonic, and bolts into the ring, Sonic of course follows, into Mega Man's world!

Then, the badass cliche'd exit, the tides turn, Mega does his awesome "I got weapon!" Stance, and then calls for his backup! RUSH! … some cat… and the blue bird guy, but RUSH YOU GUYS!

Next week: Round 2, Mega Man vs Sonic!

It's a very solid book, it meets the speed of Sonic in Sonic's book, so you're expecting fast paced BANG BANG BANG, but unlike the first book, it doesn't feel too … rushed (HA!)

A solid  8/10, little plot, but AWESOME FIGHT TIME, and every book needs that sooner or later!


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Comic Geek IO Issue 9

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