Downunder Colorado 16 - Fun With The Soundboads

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On this videogame episode of Downunder Colorado, GTA V Preview has arrived,  Nyan Cat is suing the Warner Bros, Kinect to become more friendly for the disabled, 8 best beer towns in America, and more on this episode of Downunder Colorado! ( 72 minutes)


Grand Theft Auto V - not like its predecessors

Stupid lawsuit of the day: Nyan Cat, Keyboard Cat creators suing Warner Bros

Best beer towns in America (time to find your guessing hats)

Kinect sensor modified for wheelchair gaming (warning: Autoplaying video...well autoplaying commercial)

Other Links: (related to the Kinect story) (Donations to AbleGamers)

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Dale: Loving and hating the new iOS Podcast app, Getting back on the walking routine, being a bacon salesman?, Maybe getting a Certificate in Retail and Breaking up with boyfriend.

Doug: Recovering from the biggest migraine I’ve had in years (I blame Zay!), participated in a gaming livestream for charity over the weekend (the ablegamers link above was the charity).

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