Downunder Colorado 20 - Big Buddha Phuket

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Downunder Colorado wins again.

Coming up on Downunder Colorado, The Internship got some things right, Phuket Island is a fantastic name to retire to, This years tablet numbers are in, 22 Signs That Demand An Explanation and more on this episode of Downunder Colorado! ( 85 minutes)


The Internship gets things right?

Phuket island, a fantastic name to retire to.

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Tablet Ownership for 2013

A little humor... Signs that demand explaining.

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Full report of Tablet ownership

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Dale: First final is done! (About F***ing time!) Rearranged the office and inturned ended up playing Pokemon Fire Red for an hour and quarter, Watched the Tony Awards on Sunday, My laptop keyboard I’m forced to use a wireless one until I have 4-6 BUSINESS days and 300 dollars to get it fixed. Started Season 2 of the Ellen Show and soo much real life drama that I’m sick of!

Zay: Working, dead hours at a stretch in the middle of the night, Ingress when I can. Spending time with Nate, saw S3 ep 1-3 od GoT and sooo want to see more. Thinking of taking up Minecraft. New D&D campaign ending for the next few weeks to go back to IK for a bit. Taxi no longer a monsterous pos.. just a moderate one. New NEW UP band got in today. Jawbone is at least good about replacing the bands when they malfunction.

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