Disney Geek I/O: MagicBand accessories on store shelves and MyMagic+ testing

We've been talking about this since the first show.  From June 20-27, pre-selected guests will be able to use all of the features in Disney’s new MyMagic+ system.  This allows those selected guests to try out the new MagicBands, the RFID bracelets that contain both tickets, charge card, and personal information, as well as try out items like FastPass+, which allows for users of the system to order their FastPasses online, and schedule a time to go to their attractions. 

Going along with this, there are now accessories on sale at Fantasia, which is the Contemporary Resort, where the guests will be selected from.


These are items like complete cover-overs:

And finally, little dangly bits, called MagicBandIts:

So, what does this mean? Right now; nothing for the average WDW goer, this week it's only for Contemporary guests, but this does mean that this is close! VERY Close! I would not be surprised if it is at least a soft open by the big Fourth of July week Limited Time Magic!


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