Downunder Colorado 21 - We're Old Enough To Drink...and Did!

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Welcome to Downunder Colorado, where we still respect your voting rights!!

On this fully alcohol soaked episode of Downunder Colorado, Colorado’s burning, Most lucrative song in History, Adobe's Piracy-Proof Software Already Pirated, Storms divert planes to COS, Artist bakes bread to look like human body parts, Historic Apple 1 computer up for sale at auction and more on this episode of Downunder Colorado! ( 92 minutes)


Local news about the fires

Most lucrative song in History

Adobe's Piracy-Proof Software Already Pirated

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(Ad Read #1 - halfway through stories)

Storms divert planes to COS

Artist bakes bread to look like human body parts (Warning:  will offend the easily disturbed)

Historic Apple 1 computer up for sale at auction

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Dale: FINALS ARE DONE! So I went and had some retail therapy and got a DSi, Lots of personal stuff, Watched Rubber last night, Work...Work and more work and going to see Despicable Me 2 on Friday.

Doug:   Working on some livestreaming stuff, testing out both iOS7 and the new OS X, new kitties in the house, best weather I can remember in Alaska.  PLaying some FF XIV Beta, Rift now that it’s F2P

Zay: Drinking live on the air, working on Podcast ideas, working...a lot and Full House reruns

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