Geek I/O Rants and Reviews: Rubber

In this week's Geek I/O Rant and Review, we watch the 2010 film Rubber, the story of Robert, a sentient tire with telekinetic powers who goes on a killing spree.   Yep.

Is having the audience as a character in your film a good idea?  Can you really stretch the concept of no-reason-on-purpose into a feature length film?  Who showers with the door open?  What hotel has leopard print sheets?  Is a tire getting hit by a truck irony?Where does one get a mannequin for their convoluted blow-up-the-tire plot? Why did that bunny have to die?  No reason.

Join us on Geek I/O, won't you?  We promise not to server you roadkill pizza. 

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 Geek I/O R&R - Rubber (Audio)

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