Downunder Colorado 24 - We Have Become An Internet Meme...It’s About The Cats!

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Welcome to Downunder Colorado, the ONLY podcast where kittens try to steal the show!!

On this episode of Downunder Colorado, a watch that tells you when you’re drunk, ‘Whose Line’ is back!!, Neptune’s got a new moon, and more on this episode of Downunder Colorado! ( 74 minutes)


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Japanese smartwatch includes its own breathalyser and drunk test game (AUTOPLAY)

‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?” premieres tonight:

Neptune is still a planet, and seems to have yet another moon

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Dale: Getting better after coming down with a fever on Monday, Installed Ingress on new phone...FINALLY, Nintendo Monopoly with step brother, School results...sort of

Doug:  Had a birthday, finally got my plane tickets for DragonCon (yes, it’s a go), fighting the urge to spend money on the Steam Summer Sale, drinking some Mexican Coke.

Zay: New steam game playing, strange 2 weeks of no work, downstairs yappy dogs, pot stink, work bitch gone, saw Pac Rim

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