Downunder Colorado 22 - Go To Hell!!


On this overly delayed episode of Downunder Colorado, Bear breaks into the zoo, Clothing so the NSA can’t snoop on you, Go to Hell!, Sony releases 4K video player, and more on this pre-Nerdtacular episode of Downunder Colorado! ( 78 minutes)


Black Bear Scales 10-Foot Fence To Visit Knoxville Zoo

Update your wardrobe for the post-Edward Snowden era

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Become Mayor of Hell for a Day

Sony’s First 4K Ultra HD Media Player Is Now Available

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Dale: Not much...saw Despicable Me 2 (9/10), Ripping though Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, Working on top-secret projects, Moved to a Team Support role at work and telling people how it’s not cold here!

Doug:  Birthday in six days, prepping for an extended live stream on Monday,

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