The Geek I/O Show: Episode 23 - Quasi-Makeout with Terry Bradshaw

This week on the Geek I/O show, we were joined by...well, no one.  No worries!  Geek I/O family Members Dale Campbell (Chefwonder) and JD (How it Stacks) sat in for good times discussion around the family table.

We discussed drinking Terry Bradshaw's coffee, streaming The Avengers over and over, painful dental work, PlayOn's nifty new feature, Last of Us' amazing storytelling, Plants vs Zombies on Facebook, Pokemon, XBox One date rape, Borderlands Psycho DLC, bionic implants that will give you vision like Superman, Gorilla Glass physics, Tom Baker is still alive, Zynga hiring Microsoft's head of gaming as their new CEO, and The Cabin in the Woods is being built for real!  Plus!  Always-on search and rescue cockroaches!

Join us on Geek I/O, won't you?  The bionic cockroach is here to help.  Honest. 

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