Shingeki no Kyojin - Attack On Titan (Anime Series) Review.

Just watched Episode 1 of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan). I have to say that I'm very impressed with animation style and the voice acting. Not spoiling it for anyone who hasn't watched the series yet, but I was quite disappointed with no origin given as to where the Titans are coming from and why. I'm sure later episodes may disclose this, but for now it's okay, it's not a necessary part of the development for the first episode.

So what's the anime all about? In short without spoiling it for anyone who hasn't seen this anime yet (hopefully yourself), humanity is 2000 years in the future. Living in seclusion behind massive walls, mankind (and womankind too, not being sexist here) live behind massive walls that were built by the towns people 100 years ago. Why behind walls? To keep the Titans out. What are Titans? Massive beings that resemble humans, but so large they span the height of at least 4-5 houses. One in Particular is so large that it can reach the top of the walls that fortify the city (yeah, that's pretty huge). Nobody knows where these Titans come from, or why their causing destruction and (get ready here...) eating humans. It's as if it's a punishment from God (or a multitude of Gods) to punish humanity. If it is, then God (or The Gods) are quite angry, and it shows. The episode introduces us to two main characters. Erin and Mikasa. Erin is a young man about the age of (it didn't really say in the subs) I'd say maybe 13-15 years old. Mikasa is probably just slightly older than him at about 14-17 years old. Their siblings. Erin wants to join the Recon Corps and fight back against the Titans but all the while being able to see life outside the walls. Only problem is, those who venture outside the walls rarely come back alive at all. He has a meal with with parents, only to have Mikasa tattle on him by telling her mother that Erin is interested in joining the Corps. She finds the notion stupid and crazy, but to Erin it's fighting for a cause. I wont go any further from here since some pretty heavy action and drama play on after this scene. 

So far my favorite character is Mikasa. In one particular scene she looked like a ninja running behind Erin. Then again you look at this still frame I capped and the villagers who are fighting back in the scene , and they all look like ninjas from Naruto. (Nothing wrong with Naruto, I'm a fan of that series as well)

Audio: 10/10, Voice Acting: 10/10, Story: 9.5/10, Re-Watch Value: 10/10

I give episode 1, a strong 9.5/10. Certainly an anime series to get into if you enjoy Big O, Neon Genesis Evangelion, or even Godzilla. 

Have any more Anime titles that are fairly new that I should check out and review, drop me a message. "Love and Peace!" ~ Vash The Stampede. 

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