Accel World (Anime Series) Review

Watched episode 1 of Accel World, and OMG this series is awesome. From Reki Kawahara, the mind behind 'Sword Art Online' comes an anime much different than 'Sword Art Online'. 

It is the year 2046. The neural linker, the ultimate in mobile networking, has become an integral part of modern society. Even still, in such an era there are those who are bullied by their peers.

Haruyuki is one such individual who is constantly bullied. A middle-school student at the bottom of his social ladder. To avoid attention, he spends as much time as possible within the local intranet playing solo squash.

One day, the school's most famous person, Kuroyuki-hime, calls out to him with the cryptic question: "Boy, do you want to accelerate more?" She bestows unto Haruyuki the mysterious program called Brain Burst, and initiates him into "Accel World". For his part, Haruyuki vows to protect Kuroyuki-hime. ("You'll be sure to look after me, right Haru?") 


Acting: 10/10, Animation 11/10 (it's that good. Very on par with Sword Art Online), Story: 10/10 (very solid). 

I highly recommend this to anyone who's a fan of Btooom! or Sword Art Online. I thank the community for suggesting this title to me. Love love love it! =^_^= 

btw I like Chiyu. She's really cute. I had hoped that Haru was going to get her, but it looks to me like he'll have Kuroyuki-hime as his girlfriend.

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Submitted August 13, 2013

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