The Geek I/O Show: Episode 25 - A whole bunch of mammoth DNA

This week on the Geek I/O show, we were joined by the big man over at the AWPA Network, Jose Castillo!  He schooled us with Brony knowledge, Disney expertise, and CJ Boat firing skills.  The Boats were missing due to real life hassles, but we did our best to make them proud.

We discussed Jose's big scoop, pimping your pimp, Slater doing a ton of stuff despite having homework, playing Minecraft because you have to, daddy's black tablet, Fallout: New Vegas dlc, avoiding the sun, watching too much children's programing and discovering Curious George is kind of awesome...and Bubble Guppies isn't, Google changes it's mind about net neutrality, tiles that save your lost wallet while killing the environment, and Sword Art Online coming to Toonami.  Plus!  Science wants to clone wooly mammoths!

Join us on Geek I/O, won't you?  You can plug in your bike wherever you like. 

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