Comic Geek I/O Issue 13: Batdevil, Super-mazing spider man, and Walter Luthor

Welcome Comic Geek I/O (The official podcast of the Comic Collective) - issue 13, I’m your host, CJ Boat! Joining me this week is PJ (hi PJ). Jon’s off getting ready for school!

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The Justice League of Canada eh? (URL) (OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE JL EH!)

Bradley Cooper cast as Rocket Racoon (URL)
Miles Morales coming to 616 (URL)
Grant Morrison: “Batman kills Joker, That’s why it’s the Killing Joke” (URL)

Ben Affleck cast as Batman (URL)


From: Darrell Shayler:

I have to say, you need to have that conversation on Superior Spider-Man Vs Amazing Spider-Man.

My two cents on the subject:

it's fair to say that I'm a huge Spider-Man fan who completely mourns the loss of Peter Parker - I also don't think that what we have now is any better necessarily but it is Different.

This is a Spider-Man who still holds that, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ but interprets that ethic with a super-villian’s super-mind; he can see that letting mass murderers live will only result in further death when they inevitably escape. He has the power to stop them and so he assumes the responsibility of doing so. This is a Spider-Man who got Jameson to side with him, and then stabbed him in the back anyway. It’s helped along by some artwork and writing that’s consistently of a high quality and most of all the fact that it’s different means it’s also unpredictable and that’s a huge deal in a series that was at the risk of becoming stale.

That said, things are building to something – possibly an ending. With each act that opposes the old Spider-Man’s ideals the new one walks closer to his villain origins – although with Spider Island 2 and his own mooks it seems he’s practically wall-sprinting towards them… perhaps building up to an event that will return Peter Parker to the driving seat but in a much different New York and a huge mess to clean up?

I guess my take on it is that it’s well executed and different and as long as I have some security in that it’s not going to be like this forever, I can sit back and enjoy the ride. And don't tell me that you didn't laugh a little when Doc Ock got to gloat about getting there first.

Hmm, that turned into my fifteen cents in the end... keep the change :)


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