Rise of the Traid - Steam Game Review

  This week I review 'Rise of the Triad' from Interceptor Entertainment and Apogee. Based on the original 3D Realms creation, this version is updated with better graphics, a larger arsenal, and a unique array of a.i. enemies. Step into the the shoes of H.U.N.T. An elite United Nations task-force, set about to infiltrate a small remote island off the coast of California, to stop the nefarious terrorist group known as The Triad. 

  Choose one of five unique characters to play as. There's actually two women in this group to choose from, but you won't be seeing much action from behind them, as this is a first person perspective shooter. So get your mouse trigger finger ready, and curl those fingers on the keyboard over your W A S D keys in typical MMO fashion, you're in for quite a surprise.  

   The full arsenal of over the top weapons is back in this game from the original, including the flamewall, firebomb, split missile, drunk missile, and of course the Excalibat! 

   No internet? No problem. Online single player and multiplayer allows for instant action. No DRM here. 

  Graphics: In the tradition of DOOM and Wolfenstein, this first person shooter takes a lot of it's gaming ideas from it's predecessors, and re-models it, hoping to be new and unique when we've already seen this gaming model thousands of times before from similar DOOM and Wolfenstein knock off games. The graphics themselves remind me of playing a slightly better version of DOOM, but reminiscent of Nintendo 64's Goldeneye. So don't expect cutting edge, never before seen graphics here.  

  Audio: The music was actually one of the most redeeming factors about this game.  Just listen to the music for the credits of this game, you'll have your head banging away to a rocking metal tune in no time. The voice acting isn't very emotive, and lacks character as well as having us believe that we're a part of the game. It's as if the voice actors were bored, and dragged themselves into the studio to get their session done, and a paycheck in their pockets. The game's effects as well as sound track score, is likely to have been done in a 2 channel stereo output. Pretty common for low budget and cost effective games. 

   Gameplay: It says on steam that game has limited controller functionality. Oh how true that statement is. I have a usb powered xbox controller, and when I'm playing this game, I have to constantly hold down the left analog stick if I want to crouch, even as I move. The default controls for the controller are just wrong, and it feels awkward. So I ditched the controller and chose to go old school with my FPS, and chose the keyboard. I had one of the same problems between my controller and using my mouse and keyboard, the sensitivity. I toned down the sensitivity bar for 80% and still, the movements were too sensitive on my mouse. I did my best to control my character through level 1, utilizing head shots on the enemies that stood before me. You get extra points for shooting vital areas of the enemy, such as their legs and their heads. Body armor in this game is modeled after the DOOM icon for body armor. Yeah no kidding. Different color palette, but I know the body armor icon pretty well from DOOM. 

Overall: In conclusion this game isn't worth the $14.99 price tag it asks of consumers on steam. 4.99 maybe, but a mere 15 dollars for a classic fps game re-made horribly wrong? It's like getting your hopes up for Duke Nukem Forever, only to be let down horribly. I rate this game a meager 2.0 out of 5 stars. It's worth checking, but don't have high expectations about it, and the re-play value is extremely low on this unless you just happen to be a fan-boy or fan-girl of the original game and must play this. 

   Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to play me some classic Wolfenstein and DOOM. 


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