Downunder Colorado 30 - Send Me Your Moisture


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My Downunder Colorado is better than your Downunder Colorado.

On this live Q and A episode of Downunder Colorado, A late update on the Colorado floods, Religion just doesn’t belong here, 10 Ways 'Grand Theft Auto 5' Will Blow Your Mind, Postsecret confessions, and more on this episode of Downunder Colorado! ( - minutes)

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10 Ways 'Grand Theft Auto 5' Will Blow Your Mind


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Dale: Started taking multi vitamins, passed all the midterms, had an american student stay with us and getting over the plague.

Zay: Missing work because of being sick, overdoing it after and missing more work like an idiot, going to Elitch’s and refusing to be the one to drive back, At least the cab company is still running! Trying to figure out when the current roomie will get the fuck out so the new one can start moving in. Lots of tabletop gaming. now on 2 nights a week. One IK and one DnD Next.

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