To the Moon PC Review

By Raul Garza

       To the Moon is a point and click adventure game, with a story that will keep you entwine until the final precious moments.  Created by indie developer Freebird Games.  The best way I can describe this game is as a story book in game format that is moved along by the player.

To_the_Moon-launch-poster-lrg (1).jpg

   To the Moon is about old man who in his final moments decides to under go a procedure that will replace his current life memories with ones that have him achieving his final wish of having gone to the Moon.  You play as Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts, who are preforming the task for the dying Johnny Wyles.  The two doctors use a memory device which allows them to enter Johnny's memories to find the best moment to insert the desire to travel to the Moon.  The player guides the two doctors to mementos that tie Johnny's recent memories with his older ones and must solve flip puzzles to unlock.  The game came be played by either using just the mouse for movement and to interact with objects, or with the keyboard's space bar for action and the arrow keys for movement.  The soul of To the Moon is found in beautiful soundtrack that compliments the game perfectly.     

       To the Moon is a game that will keep you glued to computer until the very end.  It is not a very long game with a completion time of about four hours.  At the time of this review To the Moon and its soundtrack are part of the pay what you want Humble Indie Bundle going on for the next few days.  Also available on Steam and GOG.  If you are looking for a great story amazing music To the Moon is a must buy.

Source:  Freebird Games