The Android Realm App Review News+

Do you get your news from Google News? Want Google News in app format? Do you subscribe to RSS feeds? Wish they were all in one app? News+ can solve that.

When launching the app, its functionality is very similar to that of gReader. Themes are even brought over to keep that functionality consistent as well. In the case of News+, the developer isn't trying to do something new. Rather it is more like bringing together two forms of news reading in an easy to use format. The app by default loads sources from Google News and uses various categories to get to those topics easily.

If you are new to RSS subscriptions, adding sources from scratch can happen immediately upon launching the app. If you are an existing Feedly user for example, adding the Feedly extension will add those sources in upon login. There are a variety of plugins (the list is on their website that can be installed to use with News+ to extend its functionality.

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