First Impression of the Chromecast

         I bought Googles HDMI streaming dongle the Chromecast and i was expecting a quick install and painless setup, what I got was about two hours of restarts and jumping WiFi signals. I was able to get content streaming from my phone as well as my desktop. This is my first experience with the Chromecast.  


The Setup       

           Here is my home setup I have a desktop that is connected straight to my modem and my Galaxy S 3 phone running 4.3.  Plugging the Chromecast is simple it comes with a 4.5' foot USB cable to connect to the TV for power or to the included USB power outlet adapter.  I was able to see the Chromecast on the downloaded app, but it is unable to connect to start network setup.  I restarted the phone, the Chromecast and the wireless modem still nothing, at this time I notice that my WiFi on my phone kept jump between the Chromecast name and mine.  I had to go into my phones WiFi setting and turn off Auto network switch to stay connected to the device then I was finally able to connected and start the connecting to my local WiFi.  Unfortunately, I got an error when trying to connect to my WiFi signal.  So I try the setup one more time and when I get to the part where I need to wait for it to connect to my WiFi I go into my phone and disconnect from the device and reconnect to my local WiFi at that point finally connected and started updates.  The updates took about 40 minutes to download I restarted the device and applied updates and started to stream just fine.  


        After the setup, streaming content is simple.  In supported apps there is a cast button to start casting.  I have used Pandora, Netflix, YouTube, Google Music, and Cast my tab from my desktop.  The phone interface is simple and clean for the there is a slight delay to it, but only for about half a second.  In my first few days with the Chromecast I really enjoy streaming to my T.V  with the Chromecast for only $35.  

Source: Chromecast, Google Play Store