(Gamer Geeks) 60 Minute Review: Skylanders Trap Team (3DS)

Skylanders Trap Team 3DS starter kit

Skylanders Trap Team 3DS starter kit

This time up on 60 Minute Reviews: the latest addition to one of the biggest franchises in video game history, Skylanders: Trap Team on the 3DS!

This is my first time around on the Skylanders train.  I have seen the toys, games, and the hype, just never got into it.  This time around though, I found out about this on the 3DS, and I recently got one, and fell in love with the idea.  Because, you know, I have too much time and money as it is.

I am a sucker for a good 3D platformer, and have been since the Spyro and Crash Bandicoot days, and I have to say, after setting up the scanner for the "Trap Masters", which did indeed take a few minutes, I really got into the game.

If you're looking for the next evolution of the platformer, or a hugely in depth storyline, this is not your game.  You got Skylanders because you have kids, or realize this is kid friendly, and want to play with the awesome looking toys they have in the stores.  This game does indeed deliver on that, with a solid platformer experience, and a lot of family friendly fun.  

In the game itself, you have an almost Pokemon experience where you have to trap the villains, and use them for mini games and missions.  Unlike the main game, you do not have to use the separately sold traps to capture the villains, just a mini game.  

That leads to my main complaint with this, it is a watered down version of the main version of the game (review coming up soon on that).  The plot is very abbreviated, and you just feel a muddied down mentality to the entire game  Also the fact you lose the ability to have the entire features of the game.  Again, because I have too much money and time and want to spend money on capturing them all.  I have a Pokemon issue, but that is a different story for an upcoming review. 

60 Minute Review: 7/10