(The Android Realm) The Android Realm App & Service Review Google Fit

For some time now, Google Now for Android has provide monthly recaps for the approximate number of miles walked compared to the prior month (or hours walked in my case for some reason). Aside from the summary, not much information was provided. The good news though for Android users is that Google has released a new app, unceremonioulsy titled Google Fit (to match the wearable technology for related functions), to help keep track of fitness data. 

After signing in with the desired Google account, the app will keep track of the length of the current workout length and the number of steps taken. Once there is enough data, graphs will be available to help monitor changes in workouts. Additional information can be added to the app as well via the settings including height, weight and gender. Metrics can be set to the U.S. standard or the metric system as well based on personal preferences.

Using the app does not require additional devices but does support fitness devices which can be connected to help keep track of the additional data. Stats can be checked via the app and a convenient website which all syncs to the Google account provided.

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