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Are you an artist who wants an easy way to share your art with a community of like minded individuals? Do you take pictures and want an easy site to share the full image? In that case, the folks over at Deviantart have released their official app for Android (and iOS) to do that and more!

After installing the app, users can login with their existing account (or create a new account) or use the app without login. Logging in allows image and journal posting to share personally created art and pictures. Not logging in allows access to basic features like browsing through images, similar to the website.

Otherwise, the app is very straightforward in that users can browse around to view images, add comments, view posts, etc. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to save images to the user's device (this may be an option that has to be available by the artist) but two notable features are the easy share menu as well as viewing more images by the same artist.

Posting an image has many options yet remains very straightforward. In my test, I posted an image from my gallery and was able to easily walkthrough the options available to add a description, find an applicable category and add some tags. Options include allowing comments, adding a watermark and allowing a free download. THe app also allows setting licensing options like Creative Commons, commerical use and allowing modifications. Once posted, the app automatically is able to pull in image information like device used, shutter speed, date, software used, etc.

The app does haveits own notification menu which is the only downside to the app. It is not easily found though it does provide what one would expect in that it shows users who have liked posts.

Overall it does provide a nice and easy way to post pictures and art, share posts and otherwise do what can be done on the website but in app form. It available for free in Google Play and the link to my first post follows to see some of the items described above.

First post from app - Nature grown mushrooms

Google Play - $Free