The Android Realm App Review Pedometer

If you're like me, you like Google Now's monthly walking summary. The only thing missing is a regular count for how many footsteps or how many miles I walk daily or monthly. That is where the Pedometer app does its magic.

After installing the app, the user is given the choice to login with Google+, Facebook, or e-mail. Once the account is setup, getting your distance walked (or run for that matter) is simply a matter of starting the workout. The main screen keeps track of the number of steps walked, duration, approximate speed, etc. The app continues to run in the background with minimal resource usage (which may vary by device). Once the workout is stopped, the user can rate how they felt, the kind of surface, weather, etc. to keep track of changing conditions if desired.

The app does have various configurable settings like the size of the user's footsteps to adjust by stride or height, adjusting what the app should consider a normal, fast, or slow walking speed and the ability to adjust how the app interacts with the screen timeout. The final feature of the app is the ability to have it play music once the workout is started if the user wants something to keep them going. This feature defaults to the user's default music app (i.e. Google Play Music).

Accuracy of the app will most likely vary based on the sensors available on the user's device along with how new or old the device is as well. Newer devices should be more accurate/reliable with older devices being generally accurate but not necessarily spot on.

The app itself is free with a paid version unlocking more features like weather.

Google Play - $Free

Android 2.2+