(CJ's Boathouse) Product Review: OrigAudio's JellyBox Bluetooth Speaker

Product: OrigAudios JellyBox

Cost: $34.99

Site: http://www.origaudio.com/shop/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29947

Product(s) tested on (if applicable): Nexus 4, PC

Another nifty gadget from OrigAudio is the JellyBox Bluetooth speaker, and its a glorious accompaniment to a nice Peanut Butter Nexus 4.  Now, this is the first time I have paired any BT device to my phone, so it took some time, but when it connected, it was glorious.  The sound was REALLY good no matter where in my house I played it.  even over the standard short range that BT is supposed to get. I ran it outside, and with only very little signal loss.

I then tested the speaker with my laptop.  I made sure it was properly paired.  It took some time for it to unpair from my phone and pair with my PC - but no more than expected, I think I was just excited and wanted it to work RIGHT THEN.  When it did pair properly, it was amazing.  I again ran the gambit, I ran through the house (from front to back and separated the speaker from my computer by FOUR DOORS!) and it did suffer a little more signal loss from the PC than the phone, which was a little odd, but not a real point loss.  When it connected directly the the PC, the sound was AMAZING, crystal clear and just wow.

The internal mic actually sounds REALLY good too, I did some recordings with it to test them out, and it was as clear as any phone microphone I could have thought of, and clearer than that still!

For $35 its a GREAT deal and well worth every penny.

My score:


Summary: Little more signal loss than I would like from the PC, but amazing everywhere else.