(CJ's Boathouse) Product Review: IK Multimedias iRig Mix

The package

The package

Product: IK Multimedias iRig Mix

Cost: $99.99

Site: http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/irigmix/

Product(s) tested on (if applicable): Nexus 4, Nexus 7 PC, iPod Touch

This review will be a little bit of a double-review, the iRig Mix and the DJ Rig iOS application.

First, the quick review of the DJ Rig application, which I tested on my Apple iPod Touch.  I am not a fan of how it scaled down for a iPod Touch 4th Generation, which is not a problem with the application, per se, but the laggy processor and a less-than-stellar resolution and display.  The application is very robust, and going through it with some of my DJ friends, it met all of their needs and more.  When I played around with it, it was really cool to mess with, and did what I did with it very well: switching smoothly between the two tracks, effects, and switching songs was flawless.

Now, I put my iPod Touch (and DJ Rig app) into one input into the rig and my phone with another DJ application into the second input in the iRig Mix, it made everything amazing, it was very easy to adjust volume, gain, treble, bass, and so much more.  

When I podcast with the Mix, its like turning a light on that I never knew I needed.  It makes everything seamless to stream things to the podcast, everything that I wanted and more is there, and it may be just a simple thing, but I never realized what was missing.  In all reality, I would be willing to spend more on it!

What's in the box!?

What's in the box!?

The size of it is also a huge selling point, being so compact it easily fits into a laptop bag to bring this beauty anywhere that I want to podcast.  The only issue is the input from the mixer to the laptop feels a little loose, and if you move it the wrong way, it can produce a really loud noise, but I think thats a problem with my setup and not the device.

My score:


Summary: Simply amazing portable device, that can easily do everything youre wanting to do, if its DJing or Podcasting, or anything else.