(Downunder Colorado) Chefwonder is returning back to normal programming this week!

Real life has kind of thrown some complications not only to me, but our hosts over the last two months...so I though it would be nice for life to sort out what it needs to and than focus on delivering quality programming to the people (which is why we are here!)

There will be a diary show later this morning over at chefwonder.squarespace.com explaining the break and how we are coming back with a bang!

Chefwonder Programming is as follows:

Generic Live Show is returning on a daily bases from Tuesday - Saturday (AUS time) (not Monday - Friday (AUS)).

Curtain Call is also returning this weekend

Downunder Colorado is returning this Tuesday 4:30pm MT/Wednesday 9:30am AEST

Terrible Tuesday Movie Night is returning this Tuesday!

Thank you for your support over this time and we thank you for listening!