(Geek Toys) Geek Toys Episode # 0: Press Start to continue

CJ Boat, host of The Geek I/O Show, and Disney Geek I/O brings you what is new in the Geek "Toy" community, from toys (Lego, Statues, etc.) to electronics (iRig, Orig Audio, etc.) and more! He's performed a lot of product reviews over on his blog on this site, and is finally deciding to bring it into it's own shorter-form show! 

Once a week, CJ will bring you what's new in the world, as well as what he's playing with, good bad or indifferent.

In the show notes, there will be links to where you can buy these beauties at as well.

But wait, what about the Gadgets Games and Gizmos section of the normal show? Well, that's still a thing, and it won't be going anywhere, but CJ won't be doing product reviews there, that's only for your beautiful ears right here, subscribers! CJ will occasionally be joined (or a guest host will randomly appear) to show you what Geek Toys THEY are playing with!

If you have anything you want us to know about, send us an email at feedback@geek-io.com!

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