(Geek Toys) Loot Crate Unboxing: Here there be Dragons

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By Darrell Shayler

The subscription box is one of those services that has blossomed of late. The first I tried was Graze, a healthy snack delivered to your door. It started out simple enough, though more recent boxes increased their recipes complexity (or added cheaper filler to the premium items if youre cynical).

Loot Crate, however, is a little different. Each month you get a themed box filled with items of general geekery. Books, T-Shirts, minifigs, theyve all featured prominently in previous boxes and below youll find my first unboxing of my first box.

Looking back on my first box it did perhaps underwhelm in comparison to my expectations, but such is the nature of these things. It did offer me some cool items, though, and it kept me interested enough to see what next month has to offer.

What I dont mention in the video is that there is a monthly mega crate that contains some impressive items. Hopefully Ill get to do an unboxing of one of those one day.

Bottom line, Loot Crate is a fun monthly treat for your favourite geek (especially if that geek is you) but it falls under the category of disposable-income-only; but ultimately its great to have something really cool sent to you each month; think of it as sending your future self a present each month, they'll thank you for it.

If youre tempted, please feel free to use the link below (or just click here), you pay the same price, but it sends a little love back our way so that I can unbox more cool things, and maybe even look and sound better! A word to the wise no matter how you get to their site, check the banner for this months money off deal when registering.