(Raul's Corner) Guacamelee! Gold Edition PC review

         Guacamelee released by Drinkbox Studios is an action platformer.  You play has Juan an agave plant farmer (the plants that are used to make tequila).  Juan tries to save the world from an villain name Carlos Calaca, a walking skeleton hell bend on merging the living and the dead world.  Juan must use the powers of the masked luchador to save both the world and the mayor's daughter from being sacrificed.

        Guacamelee is set in an old Mexico starting out in the small town of Pueblucho where Calaca and his band of villains find a fitting sacrifice in the mayor's daughter. Juan tries to step in and save her when he is killed and is sent the the world of the dead. He's brought back with the help of a luchador mask that grants him the powers he will need to take on Calaca and save the world.  

        Guacamelee is a side-scrolling beat em' up platformer.  In the progression of the the game special moves are unlocked like wall jump, double jump, rooster upper-up, head-butt and and so on.  The music is the traditional Mexican festive.  The art style has a some decorative backgrounds which helps the colorful enemies really pop in the heat of combat.  Each enemy has unique skills and strategies needed to combat it.  Some fights to seem to get overwhelming at times, but it just takes some patience and quick reflexes.  The platformer element does get a bit frustrating with some areas taking multiple tries the figure out what pattern is needed to progress.

    Guacamelee is available on just about every platform from living room consoles to PC, Mac, and Linux.  This is a good game for those who enjoy a good action platformer.

Source:  Drinkbox Studios  Steam