(The Comic Alliance) The Comic Alliance: Issue 1: What is old is New (52) Again

The Comic Alliance: Issue 1: What is old is New (52) Again

Welcome to THE COMIC ALLIANCE! This is the show where I have hand-picked the best of the best, also the most aggressive comic lovers that I can get to record with me, also totally not making up something until I can come up with a tagline, THIS IS THE COMIC ALLIANCE!

You know me from the Geek I/O show, where I get yelled at for talking about comics too much as it is, and I also have run the 10 minute mini-cast Comics on The Go and formerly Comic geek I/O, Im CJ Boat

and, from How it Stacks, Jonathan DePew also known as JD! And saving the best for last, artist extraordinaire, Alexandra Schoell AKA ChaosChild!

Lets go around and tell people why they should listen to us about comics!

NEWS Discussion:

CJ: DC Cancelling comics to recreate them at #1s AKA Marvel Syndrome

COMIC Discussion:

CJ: Forever Evil finale // New Justice League

COMIC Discussion:

JD: Has the comic culture lost its luster? Has the recent flood of Comic culture in the mainstream media caused what was once so precious to so many to no be so special any more?


I would like to do a segment where I talk about and review a webcomic series. Its very difficult to break into comics and there are tons of them that go unnoticed, Id like to use this segment to help them out. The madness of last week means I haven't gotten to line any of them up. So I thought this might be the time to simply introduce it to listeners and give them the rules

Rough Approximation:

Everyone loves comics, some of us even like to draw them. But for those who have a story to share, it can be seemingly impossible to get peoples attention. This segment  will be dedicated to exposing lesser or unknown comic artists on the web.

I will read the first ten pages of the comic to get a feel for the series and will provide a review and critique. What kind of comic is it? what genre? whats it about? is the story (if there is one) interesting? how does the artwork stack? and where can this comic be found?

The rules of submission are as follows:

1. If you are not the creator, contact to this person MUST be provided so we can notify them and seek permission to feature them on the show. If youre a fan of a series you may also contact the creator and tell them about us instead.

2. Comics submitted must have at least ten pages. Why ten? so consistency of work and story can be established.

3. The comic should have panels, it may not be only or mostly splash pages. (A splash pages is a comic page that contains a full page image and no other panels) out of ten pages there should be no more than 2 splash pages.

4. Your comic should be a comic. No novels with occasional illustrations.

5. there MUST be a location on the web for your work. This could be a free site like deviantart or tumblr or an independant site. But we must have somewhere to send listeners.


5a. Do NOT email the pages of the comic to me, link to the site only

6. Do not be worried about art or story quality, or weather or not I will like it. This Segment is to provide promotion and honest advice. I am not the sort of person who will rip your comic apart and simply say it sucks, and it is possible to have a good series if it is lacking in the art or story department, and people can always improve.

7. Mature content, sex, nudity, violence, is allowed, however you must say so in your submission.


7a. Unacceptable mature content includes things such as: comics geared towards promoting racism, rape, abuse, hate crimes, etc. It also includes content such as pedofillia or graphic dpeictions of abusive acts like rape.

Submitters should also take note that we may receive many other submissions, as such it may take a while for me to get to them, if you do not fulfill the requirements your submission will be declined.

You can send your submissions to my e-mail; chaoschild@comic.com please put Comics Alliance Podcast webcomic submission as the subject.  and include a little bit about yourself, what name we can refer to you by, and a little biography if you wish, and most importantly a link to page one of your web comic.

Contact: comicallianceshow@gmail.com / twitter.com/comicalliance

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