(The Android Realm) The Android Realm Game Review Angry Birds Epic

Like the Angry Birds franchise? Ever wanted to build up your birds to fight the egg stealing pigs? Then Angry Bird Epic is for you!

The new game in the Angry Birds franchise now comes with the RPG element for a brand new adventure. The world map is similar to Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country as far as overview of the world and getting to the next level. Rovio's version adds a minor variation with movement in the world map of where the player is headed next and the current overall mission. Cut scenes still exist much like other Angry Birds games so there is some backstory provided but other than that, it is up to the player to poke around and find interesting features of the game and what to do.

Early gameplay is relatively simple as far as fights go. Attacking is as simple as dragging your finger from the bird over to the "attacker." Each side gets one hit per turn so repeatedly dragging your finger across the screen is pointless. As the player attacks, damage shows on the screen along with a nice health indicator for the player and the enemy. On the boss level, holding down on the bird will show current stats for attack and defense. The end of each level, once won, will allow for spinning a wheel to win prizes. Eventually, once new items are collected, the player can upgrade their character with better weapons, shields, and potions.

The game also allows for integration with Google Play Games so as achievements and levels are unlocked, it will tie with your leaderboards so the competition factor is also available. Otherwise, graphics and performance is as good as any other Angry Birds game.

Google Play - $Free