(The Android Realm) The Android Realm App Review Link Bubble

If you find yourself on a slow internet connection or want to load webpages in the background while you do your mobile web surfing, then Link Bubble is the app for you. Using similar functionality to Facebook Chat Heads, Link Bubble intercepts when the user clicks on links to load the web page in the background.

Once the app is installed and a link is clicked, a little bubble pops up on the left side of the screen (towards the middle). It loads the page as the user continues other tasks. When you are ready to view the page, clicking on the bubble will show the page. The app works seamlessly in the background with no major configuration needed if most of your default apps are already setup.

Other default apps can also be set if basics like all share options is not desired. For example, the left bubble can be set to Facebook while the right bubble can be set to the all share menu. To access these bubbles, simply long press on the bubble and two additional bubbles will pop up at the top left and right of the screen under your notification drawer. A delete button also shows up at the bottom of the screen in case you clicked a link accidentally or no longer need the page. The bubble can also be moved to various other parts of the screen depending on things like position desired, preferred hand when interacting with your device, etc. so it is not out of reach.

The app comes in free and paid versions. The free version allows loading only one link at a time while the paid version allows unlimited tabs, support for 'Ok Google' and article mode. App performance is very snappy as it only loads when a website link is clicked. The app itself functions as an intermediary between links and your default browser so that it can load the page using the browser of choice. The default browser is a setting that can be adjusted in settings if the user does have multiple browsers installed. If the user has specific apps installed for links found online or in Facebook or Twitter, then those apps will have to be set as default again so Link Bubble doesn't ask to load the page.

Google Play - $Free